Are Apricot and Walnut Scrubs Really That Bad For Your Skin?

We have always dreamt of soft and supple skin after we follow our skincare routines. Apart from the basic wash-cleanse-moisturise routine, exfoliation has become another way to get rid of the dead skin cells off of our skin. And when it comes to exfoliation, apricot and walnut scrubs have become the new fad. The increase in the use of these scrubs has also increased debate about whether these scrubs are safe for the skin or not. Now in case you are wondering what exfoliation is and are about to go and Google it, let us tell you here.


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You might be thinking then what now? Should I stop using these scrubs completely? Should I switch to chemical exfoliators? There are two options for you. If you want to continue using scrubs, choose the ones that have tinier beads or particles and not large pits or shells. You should also limit the usage of scrubs to once a week. This will cause less harm to your skin and will serve the purpose of removing the dead skin cells as well. The other option is switching to chemical exfoliators. Dermatologists say that chemical exfoliators are a better option than physical exfoliators if used appropriately. They increase cell turnover and help reduce acne. However, they should also be used in moderation.

The key takeaway is that one should actually stay away from apricot and walnut scrubs. You might feel like they give you smoother skin but they can damage your skin in the long run.